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Team namespaces

A namespace per team is automatically created in every NAIS cluster both on-prem and in GCP. Teams are managed using NAIS console.

Features of team namespaces:

  • Team members have full admin access in that namespace. This includes kubectl commands like scale, port-forward, exec etc.
  • Support for Kubernetes native secrets as an alternative to Vault.
  • People from other teams cannot read native secrets in your team's namespace
  • People from other teams does not have write access to your team's namespace. This prevents accidental changes or removal of Kubernetes resources used by your team.
  • No longer forces use of the abstraction. If doesn't support your requirements, or you simply prefer handling these resources yourself, you are free to do so.

Shared namespaces are no longer available as of December 2022.

Last update: 2022-12-01
Created: 2020-06-10