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Team namespaces

A namespace per team is automatically created in every NAIS cluster both on-prem and in GCP. Namespaces are created based on the contents of teams.yaml in navikt/teams repo.

The namespace has the same name as the name field i teams.yaml

Using team namespaces instead of shared namespaces has several advantages:

  • Team members have full admin access in that namespace. This includes kubectl commands like scale, port-forward, exec etc.
  • Support for Kubernetes native secrets as an alternative to Vault.
  • People from other teams cannot read native secrets in your team's namespace
  • People from other teams does not have access to your team's namespace. This prevents accidental changes or removal of Kubernetes resources used by your team.
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) only supports team namespaces. Migrating your application to a team namespace now makes it easier to move from on-prem to GCP later.
  • No longer forces use of the abstraction. If doesn't support your requirements, or you simply prefer handling these resources yourself, you are free to do so.

Last update: 2022-11-16
Created: 2020-06-10