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Image repository

All NAIS teams has their own repository where they store their images, as NAIS will only run images from known locations.

When using the NAIS Github Action, the process of tagging and pushing the image to the registry is handled automatically. Combining this with the NAIS deploy action you can also get the newly produced image tag set automatically during deployment.

For NAV the address is


If you want to handle the image process yourself, you can find the URL to your teams repository on your teams page in NAIS Teams (https://teams.$

Images from unlisted registry

Re-tag the image and upload it to your teams repository.

docker pull unlisted/image:tag
docker tag unlisted/image:tag <team-repository>/imagename:tag
docker push <team-repository>/imagename:tag

Last update: 2023-07-20
Created: 2023-06-27