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Available services

Available services

This document describes the different services you will get access to through naisdevice

How to use Postgres via naisdevice

See also the Slack channel #postgres-på-laptop

Before connecting to Postgres

A few things need to be in place before you can connect.

  • You must be a member of the postgres-fra-laptop AD group.
  • You need to perform a risk assessment (ROS).
  • Whitelist your database for use with naisdevice in database-iac by adding the following to the database entry:
      enabled: true
      ros: <link to ROS>

Connecting to Postgres from your laptop

  1. Connect to the relevant naisdevice gateway:
    • dev: postgres-dev (automatically connected)
    • prod: postgres-prod (requires JITA)
  2. Connect to the special naisdevice hostnames (these are only for use with naisdevice):
  3. dev:
  4. prod:

Last update: 2022-11-23
Created: 2020-06-17