Additional user(s) database(s)

You can add users to your database by setting database configuration option: .spec.gcp.sqlInstances[].databases[].users[].name. Additional users needs to manually be given access to the database and table. Either directly or with Flyway or other database migration tools.

Names added must match regex: ^[_a-zA-Z][_a-zA-Z0-9]+$. Secrets is generated and mounted for each user.

With .spec.gcp.sqlInstances[].databases[].envVarPrefix set to DB and additional username to _user2 you will get environment variables in format DB_USER2_MYDB_USERNAME etc.


If you've deployed your application with an additional users, and then change name or remove the user from configuration, you need to manually delete the google-sql-<MYAPP>-<USER> secret:

$ kubectl delete secret google-sql-<MYAPP>-<USER>