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Contact the NAIS team

The team can be found on Slack.

On-call services

NAIS has a 24/7 on-call service for operation and troubleshooting of the on-premises and GCP platforms, as well as third-party suppliers Aiven.

During regular working hours, you can mention @nais-team on Slack.

The on-call service is to be used for production environment events outside regular working hours only.

The on-call service is rotated, the person on-call can be found in the Slack user group "nais-vakt". The on-call phone number can be found in the header of the NAIS Slack.

Response time for a request should be no more than 30 minutes for Slack mentions (@nais-vakt).

Would your team like to work more closely with NAIS?

If your team would like closer follow-up for a period (or permanently), we would happily dedicate someone from NAIS as your NAM(s) - short for "NAIS Account Managers". This means we will create a dedicated Slack channel for NAIS/team-communication and have meetings if required to discuss your concerns, issues, or wishes for the platform.

Last update: 2021-09-02
Created: 2021-09-02