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Part 3 - Ship it

Previously we've made our application and created the required files for deployment. In this part of the tutorial we will deploy our application to NAIS.

1. Authorize the repository for deployment

This is required for the GitHub Actions workflow to be able to deploy your application.

Visit Console. Select your team, and visit the Repositories tab. Find your repository and click Authorize.

Repository not visible?

Normally these permissions are automatically synchronized every 15 minutes, but if you don't see the repository here, force synchronization by clicking the Refresh button.

2. Commit and push your changes

Now that we have added the required files, it's time to commit and push them to GitHub.

git add .
git commit -m "FEAT: Add nais app manifest and github workflow"
git push origin main

3. Observe the GitHub Actions workflow

When pushed, the GitHub Actions workflow will automatically start. You can observe the workflow by running the following command:

gh run watch
gh repo view --web # click the "actions" tab when redirected to

4. Visit your application

On successful completion, we can view our application at https://<MY-APP>.<MY-ENV>

Congratulations! You have now successfully deployed your first application to NAIS! The next and most important step is to clean up after ourselves.