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Show Grafana on info-screen

This how-to shows you how to show Grafana on a info-screen.

1. Get service account

In order to run Grafana from a big screen, you will need a Grafana service account.

You get this by contacting us in the #nais channel on Slack.

2. Access Grafana

To add the service account credentials to the header of your requests, you can use the Modify Header Value browser extension available for Chrome and Firefox.

Set the following configuration in the extension:

Field Value
Header name Authorization
Header value Bearer <service-account-token>
State Active

Access with the sevice account credential as a Bearer token:

Authorization: Bearer <service-account-token>


Maske sure you spell the Authorization header name correctly and that the value Bearer starts with a capital B followed by the token. Replace <service-account-token> with your service account token value. If done incorrectly Grafana will reload constantly.