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Accessing topics from an application outside NAIS

This guide will show you how to access a Kafka topic from an application outside NAIS clusters.

1. Enable access to the relevant pool in your manifest

kind: AivenApplication
  name: <MY-APP>
  namespace: <MY-TEAM>
    pool: <MY-POOL> (TODO: link to available tenant pools)
  protected: true


The secretName must be a valid DNS label, and must be unique within the namespace.

2. Apply the AivenApplication

Add the file to your application repository, alongside nais.yaml to deploy with NAIS github action.

kubectl apply -f ./nais/aivenapp.yaml --namespace=<MY-TEAM> --context=<MY-ENV>

3. Extract the value of the generated secret

kubectl get secret <MY-UNIQUE-SECRET-NAME> --namespace <MY-TEAM> --contect <MY-ENV> -o jsonpath='{.data}' 

Make the values available to your application.

4. Grant access to the topic

The owner of the topic must grant your application access to the topic.