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ID-porten reference


Notable claims in tokens from ID-porten:


The security level used when authenticating the end-user.


"Personidentifikator". The Norwegian national ID number (fΓΈdselsnummer/d-nummer) of the authenticated end user.

For a complete list of claims, see the Access Token Reference in ID-porten.


ID-porten supports a few different locales for the user interface during authentication.

Valid values shown below:

Value Description
nb Norwegian BokmΓ₯l
nn Norwegian Nynorsk
en English
se SΓ‘mi

Set the query parameter locale when redirecting the user to login:


Runtime variables & credentials

Your application will automatically be injected with environment variables at runtime.

Name Description
IDPORTEN_AUDIENCE The expected audience for access tokens from ID-porten.
IDPORTEN_WELL_KNOWN_URL The URL for ID-porten's OIDC metadata discovery document.
IDPORTEN_ISSUER issuer from the metadata discovery document.
IDPORTEN_JWKS_URI jwks_uri from the metadata discovery document.

These variables are used to 🎯 secure your application with ID-porten.

Security levels

ID-porten classifies different user authentication methods into security levels of assurance. This is reflected in the acr claim for the user's JWTs issued by ID-porten.

Valid values, in increasing order of assurance levels:

Value Description Notes
idporten-loa-substantial a substantial level of assurance, e.g. MinID Also known as Level3
idporten-loa-high a high level of assurance, e.g. BankID, Buypass, Commfides, etc. Also known as Level4

To configure a default value for all login requests:

    enabled: true
      enabled: true
      level: idporten-loa-high

The default value is idporten-loa-high.

NAIS ensures that the user's authentication level matches or exceeds the level configured by the application. If lower, the user is considered unauthenticated.

For runtime control of the value, set the query parameter level when redirecting the user to login:



For all possible configuration options, see the πŸ“š NAIS application reference.