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NAV uses Aiven hosted Kafka, the on-premise version of Kafka has been deprecated since 2021. Start using Kafka by creating a Topic resource in one of our Kubernetes clusters.

Upon defining a Topic, Kafkarator will create the Topic in one of the Kafka pools. A pool is a highly available, replicated Kafka cluster running at Aiven. After the topic is created, Kafkarator will add relevant users to the topic's access control list (ACL).

When an application that uses Kafka is deployed, Aivenator will orchestrate generation of users and credentials. These credentials are made available to applications through a Secret in the relevant team namespace. This secret is automatically mounted by Naiserator into application pods as environment variables and files.

To get started, see accessing topics from an application.

Status and roadmap

  • Release status: Generally Available
  • Availability: NAIS GCP, NAIS on-premises, legacy infrastructure on-premises

Last update: 2023-08-21
Created: 2021-09-15