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What is a team?

Everything in NAIS is organized around the concept of a team.

A NAIS team should consist of technical personnel involved with developing and operating the team's workloads and resources.

Being member of a team grants you full access to the team's workloads and provisioned resources. Limit access to the people that actually need it according to the principle of least privilege.

The anatomy of a team

A team consists of one or more users. The team has at least one owner and can have multiple members.

An owner can add, remove, and change the roles of other users on the team.

A user can be part of multiple teams.

What happens when you create a team?

When you create a team, the following will be provisioned for you:

  • An isolated area for your team's workloads and resources in each environment (e.g. dev and prod)
  • A GitHub team with the same name in your GitHub organization. The members of your NAIS team will be synchronized with the GitHub team.
  • Roles and permissions to access the teams workloads and resources.

The creator of a team is automatically granted owner privileges for the team.