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Deploy action configuration

The available configuration options for the NAIS deploy GitHub action.

Environment variable Default Description
CLUSTER (required) Which NAIS cluster to deploy into.
DRY_RUN false If true, run templating and validate input, but do not actually make any requests.
ENVIRONMENT (auto-detect) The environment to be shown in GitHub Deployments. Defaults to CLUSTER:NAMESPACE for the resource to be deployed if not specified, otherwise falls back to CLUSTER if multiple namespaces exist in the given resources.
OWNER (auto-detect) Owner of the repository making the request.
PRINT_PAYLOAD false If true, print templated resources to standard output.
QUIET false If true, suppress all informational messages.
REF master (auto-detect) Commit reference of the deployment. Shown in GitHub's interface.
REPOSITORY (auto-detect) Name of the repository making the request.
RESOURCE (required) Comma-separated list of files containing Kubernetes resources. Must be JSON or YAML format.
RETRY true Automatically retry deploying if deploy service is unavailable.
TEAM (auto-detect) Team making the deployment.
TIMEOUT 10m Time to wait for deployment completion, especially when using WAIT.
VAR Comma-separated list of template variables in the form key=value. Will overwrite any identical template variable in the VARS file.
VARS /dev/null File containing template variables. Will be interpolated with the $RESOURCE file. Must be JSON or YAML format.
WAIT true Block until deployment has completed with either success, failure or error state.

Note that OWNER and REPOSITORY corresponds to the two parts of a full repository identifier. If that name is navikt/myapplication, those two variables should be set to navikt and myapplication, respectively.