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Renew credentials for non-NAIS applications

Eventually the credentials created in Accessing topics from an application outside NAIS will expire. Well in advance of this, Aiven will issue a notification to the technical contacts, and we route those to the slack channel #aiven-driftsmeldinger.

When it is time to renew the credentials, follow these steps:

Edit the AivenApplication resource

You need to change the .spec.secretName field in the AivenApplication resource you used to create the credentials in the first place. Make a note of the current value, and change it to something suitable. You can use any valid name you want, but make sure it is different from the old name.

Wait for a new secret to appear

When you save/apply the changed secret name, new credentials are generated. When complete, a secret with the requested name will become available in the cluster.

Extract updated credentials

Extract the credentials from the newly created secret, in the same way as you originally did when you first created the AivenApplication resource.

kubectl get secret <MY-UNIQUE-SECRET-NAME> --namespace <MY-TEAM> --contect <MY-ENV> -o jsonpath='{.data}' 

Make the values available to your application.

Clean up

When your application has been updated to use the new credentials and you see that everything is working, delete the old secret.

kubectl delete secret <MY-OLD-SECRET-NAME> --namespace <MY-TEAM> --context <MY-ENV>