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Get started with secrets in Console

This how-to guide shows you how to create and manage a secret in the NAIS Console.


List secrets

  1. Open NAIS console in your browser
  2. Select your team
  3. Select the Secrets tab

Create a secret

  1. Click Create Secret
  2. Select the environment you want to create the secret in
  3. Enter a name for your secret
  4. Click Create
  5. Optionally, add one or more key-value pairs to your newly created secret

Edit a secret

  1. Select the secret you want to edit
  2. Add, edit, or delete key-value pairs for the secret as desired
  3. Click Save when you're satisfied with the changes

    After saving, any workloads using the secret will automatically restart to receive the updated secret values.

Delete a secret

  1. Select the secret you want to delete
  2. Click the Delete button in the secret's details page

    You will be prompted to confirm the deletion. Once confirmed, the secret will be permanently deleted and no longer available to any workloads.