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Setup command line access

This guide shows you how to set up command line tools for accessing NAIS clusters


Install gcloud

Follow Googles instructions on how to install gcloud for your OS

Install kubectl

Follow the instruction to install kubectl for your OS

Authenticate using gcloud

gcloud auth login --update-adc

This will open your browser. Follow the instructions to authenticate using the email from your organization.

When successfully authenticated, you will be shown "You are now authenitcated with the gcloud CLI!" in your browser. You can now close the browser window.

You will also need to install a plugin in order to authenticate to the Kubernetes clusters:

gcloud components install gke-gcloud-auth-plugin

Generate kubeconfig file

Use nais-cli to generate the kubeconfig file that grants access to the NAIS clusters.

nais kubeconfig

A successful run will output how many clusters and where the kubeconfig file is written to.

Verify access

kubectl --context '<MY-ENV>' get ns

If you are unsure about which clusters are available, you can list them with:

kubectl config get-clusters