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Upload assets to the CDN

This how-to guide shows you how to upload assets to the CDN.


  • A NAIS team.
  • A GitHub repository that the team has access to.
  • The repository needs to have a GitHub workflow that builds the assets you want to upload.

Authorize repository for upload

  1. Open NAIS console in your browser and select your team.
  2. Select the Repositories tab
  3. Find the repository you want to deploy from, and click Authorize

Upload assets with the CDN action

SPA deploy

We also provide an action for swift deployment of single page applications (SPA), spa-deploy.

In your Github Workflow, add the following step to upload your assets to the CDN.

name: 'push-to-cdn'

      - 'main'

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest

      contents: 'read'
      id-token: 'write'

      - uses: 'actions/checkout@v4'

      - name: Upload static files to CDN
        uses: nais/deploy/actions/cdn-upload/v2@master
          team: <team slug> # Required, e.g. "team-name"
          source: <The path to your build folder or assets>
          destination: <A destination you pick, like /my-app/dist>
          # project_id and identity_provider must be included, and they
          # are provided as organization secret/variables.
          project_id: ${{ vars.NAIS_MANAGEMENT_PROJECT_ID }}
          identity_provider: ${{ secrets.NAIS_WORKLOAD_IDENTITY_PROVIDER }}
      - run: echo uploaded file ${{ steps.upload.outputs.uploaded }}
        shell: bash

For more information on the inputs and outputs of the action, see the CDN Reference.

Use the uploaded assets

The assets from the CDN will be available at<team>/<destination>


CORS is automatically configured to accept GET from any origin (*).