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What is NAIS?

NAIS is a platform aiming to provide you with the technical capabilities you need to develop and run software in a safe and enjoyable way.

It’s built around the idea that an unobstructed team of people, able and willing to take responsibility for the things they make, perform better than any alternative.

In order to support this idea, we aim to provide you with functionality that just worksβ„’, removing complexities where possible and still providing you with the key insights you need to successfully operate the things you create or provision.

You can think of the provided functionality as building blocks, where you as a developer can select the ones that fit your specific needs.

The fundamental building block provided by NAIS is a robust and secure runtime environment for your workloads.

When your workload is up and running, it’s crucial to be able to observe how it’s doing. Here the platform provides you with the tooling you need to log, emit metrics and run traces.

Furthermore NAIS provides a variety of different ways to persist data, authenticate users and most of the other things you typically need.

Simply put; our job is to make the operations side of things NAIS - allowing you to focus more on building great products.

What does NAIS stand for?

It's original meaning of the abbreviation is: NAVs Application Infrastructure Services. As you might suspect, we found the abbreviation first.

We're working on making the 'N' mean 'Norwegian' instead of 'NAVs'.